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Great Tutoring focuses on helping students to become more actively involved in achieving their learning goals.  Students develop a strong foundation in critical thinking and problem solving. Together we build on this foundation to best meet the students learning needs. Great Tutoring is a comprehensive and individualized approach to learning. Students learn how to master essential study skills, logical reasoning skills, communication skills & organizational skills. The student learns not only how to plan for his or her own success but how to achieve it!

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For over 25 years I've helped thousands of students from all over the world as a teacher, tutor, mentor, college professor and coach.  I have taught at The University of Mary Washington, Langley High School & The George Washington University. My passion is in helping students to achieve their educational goals and dreams. My name is Jason James Korrasik and I'm the founder of

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Basic Math, Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus & Statistics.


Chemistry, Physics, Biology & Environmental Science.

Study Skills

Logic, Rhetoric, Reading & Writing

Test Prep

I help students prepare for a wide variety of tests: 

College Admissions:


High School Admissions:


Gifted Testing for AAP:


Additional Services

  • I offer a complete service that includes evaluating the student's academic record, establishing reachable goals, advising the student throughout the application process, and advocating for the student. 
  • Academic support for adult students returning to school
  • College Application Process
  • Individualized Educational Enrichment   
  • Homeschooling Support
  • Special Needs Tutoring for students with ADHD
  • Students within the Autism Spectrum
  • Summer Math Classes

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Tutoring Packages

10-Hour Program.............$750

20-Hour Program............$1,300

30-Hour Program............$1,800

Pay-As-You-Go................$85 per hour

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SAT Prep Classs

Small group SAT Prep Classes are offered in March on Sunday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.  Register early to guarantee your spot!

20-Hour SAT Class is $750

Earn Free Tutoring

Refer a new student to one of my tutoring or test prep programs and receive a $50 discount for each student that signs-up you referred! Must be enrolled in a current tutoring program to receive discount.


8010 Old Keene Mill Road

Springfield, VA 22152

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Jason James Korrasik, M.A.

Founder of Great Tutoring LLC

Great Tutoring LLC

8010 Old Keene Mill Road, Springfield, Virginia 22152, United States

(571) 276-3863